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Fence Law of the Town of Tyrone

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Vehicle and Fuel Usage Policy


Use of Municipal Resources for Personal Purposes by Jessie Beller
Use of municipal resources in New York State is governed by the New York State Constitution, which contains a provision specifically regulating gifts or loans of public monies to private entities. Specifically, the law states, in part that "[n]o county, city, town, village or school district shall give or loan any money or property to or in aid of any individual, or private corporation or association, or private undertaking..." This provision, prohibiting use of municipal resources for nongovernmental purposes, limits a municipality's expenditures to ensure that the focus of municipal spending is the public good and that municipal resources are used only for government purposes. Therefore Article VIII, Section 1 of the State Constitution, the so-called "Gift and Loan Clause," serves as a way to control the use of municipal monies and resources. It aims to ensure that private citizens do not use municipal resources for their own benefit and thereby helps to preserve government resources for the public. Continue reading...


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